The Ultimate Guide To Todo Lists

I always thought that to do lists were only for the organized people.

The truth is that we all have a to do list. Some people keep them on their fridge with a magnet, some write it on their hand, and some keep it in their head.

The point is that we all have a list of things to do. The difference between those who are organized and those who are not is the ability to make the list and follow through with it.

I thought that it was something that people who were really busy could do. Little did I know that you could use it for anything. Whether you're the most busy person in the world, or you just need a little motivation to keep you accountable, the to do list is the perfect tool.

For me, I set a list of little things to get done, and when I finish them all, I'm free to do other things.

In the past that means that I have a list of things that I have to do, and that list just used to get longer until I just well had random sticky notes and papers everywhere.


I used to have a book I carried everywhere too but slowly even that book got full and I got overwhelmed.


Then, I got super busy with work and kids, school and a husband, traveling and it was just confusing.

Enter to do lists! I started using the Wunderlist app on my phone, but I would always forget to look at I decided to make a simple phone app with a daily checklist for me to keep me on track but also connected it to calendars. You can check that out here:

The benefits of having a to do list:

Having a to do list is a great way to track your progress and success. It is also a great way to stay focused on what you need to do.

By creating a list of tasks you can focus on one task at a time. This is a great way to stay on track and complete your tasks for the day.

1: To do lists helps you remember

2: Helps you organize your time

One of the most useful features of To Do lists is the ability to organize your time.

3: It keeps you on track

4: It motivates you to do things

How to set up your to do list

You can set up your to do list in many different ways. You can use an app on your phone, a piece of paper, or even a white board. The important thing is that you have a list of tasks that you need to complete. Make sure to write down tasks that are due within the next few days as well as longer term goals.

I love that I can set up reminders to take my medicine 👏

Personally, I use a digital planner and connect it my calendar for everything I do. There’s plenty out there (see below for the other ones I have tried and recommend) here’s the one I use since I want it to connect to my calendar 👇

Check out MiplaniT app on the Apple Store for the all in one digital planner! Click here to download!

Other to do apps that I use and love: 🙌

ToDoist - this app is a must do for teams and any one who wants to bring all those lists together for one organized life of calm!

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