Get instant answers to all questions you may have about the MiPlanIT app!

Is my information stored in a safe and secure environment?

The MiPlanIT app is integrated with strong SSL encryption that keeps all communication to the server safe and secure. The information in any form on the server is fully encrypted, as the SSL encryption ensures an extra security level for your data. The servers are located in highly secure enterprise data centers with close monitoring and round-the-clock hosting support.

Is this app intrusive?

If you're an employer or a manager, you have the right to know what your subordinates are doing while working. However, you don't have the right to know what they are doing when they're away from work or not doing work. MiPlanIT doesn't track any person when they are not working. This app is absolutely not more invasive than other apps which keep tabs on all activities on the computer. So, this app doesn't distinguish between working and non-working hours.

Is MiPlanIT a cross-platform smartphone app, and can I use any mobile device to access the app?

Absolutely Yes! You can use any smartphone device and download the MiPlanIT mobile app through Google Play and App Store. The app will help you and your teams stay connected, as you can use it anywhere using any mobile device.

Is MiPlanIT user-friendly, and will I face difficulty using the app?

Of course, the MiPlanIT is incredibly easy to use. You simply need to make your account on the platform, and you'll proceed very easily through its user-friendly interface and navigation system and start doing everything you want to complete tasks efficiently. MiPlanIT has a round-the-clock customer support and many resources to help users become MiPlanIT experts.